March 28: Solar 101 With Jeremy Smithson

March 28, 2015 Saturday 9:30 to 11:00 Phinney Neighborhood Association room 6 For more information call 206-402-6926 Jeremy Smithson, owner of Puget Sound Solar, has been showing Seattle home owners how to take advantage of our solar resource (yes there is enough sun to power a solar electric system in western WA) for 15 years. […]


Koch Brothers Defame Solar Industry

EcoWatch reported this week that front groups for the Koch Brothers are launching a misinformation campaign intended to undermine solar power in Washington State. From the article: “Mark Twain said it best, there are ‘lies, damned lies and statistics.’ It’s hard to tell which is which after closely reviewing the latest hatchet job on solar […]


Policy Alert: New Solar Bill Needs You!

Legislation is being crafted in Olympia that will create a new solar incentive program that will replace the one that we have now. Existing solar customers will continue with the current program and a new program will be available for new solar customers, hopefully sometime in 2016. It is vital that our state senators and […]

PSS Installs Solar at Dwell’s Cork Haus

Puget Sound Solar is proud to be installing a photovoltaic (PV) solar array on Dwell Development’s Columbia City marvel. It’s in South Seattle — and its going be designed to be net zero! The house will have a 5 star Built Green Certification, be solar ready, and will have EV charging capabilities. It will be […]


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Puget Sound Solar designs, sells, installs, and services solar energy systems and electric vehicle charging stations. Our customers want to make a difference by using solar energy so our job is to help them make that happen, and to provide them with high quality service. Our expert team has specified and installed hundreds of solar energy systems and EV charging stations in the Puget Sound region. When you hire us for your solar project, you benefit from our years of experience. When we are not working on solar projects we are working to influence local, state, and national policy-makers, and we are educating architects, builders, planners, and the general public about solar energy's place in our energy-hungry society.