I’m Thinking About Solar for a Business, School, or Public Building

If you are planning a solar project for a commercial or public building, we can help you.

Commercial Solar

Businesses that become solar producers are eligible for additional tax incentives, not to mention getting green PR while offsetting energy use. After taking a 30% tax credit (directly reducing federal taxes) you can still reduce your taxable income by taking depreciation on 85% of the original cost of the system within 5 years. On top of that, there is a Washington State incentive that pays you a reward for producing solar power, and you avoid the cost of utility power by producing your own. We have done a variety of commercial installations including a dentist’s office, horse stables, architect’s offices, apartment buildings, office buildings, and mixed-use projects.

Public Solar and Schools

We have extensive experience designing and installing solar on public works projects for the State of Washington, King County, and the City of Seattle. Are you a looking for a solar bid for a public project? Contact us for a firm quote. We are familiar with the whole process, from contracts, bonds, and submittals to commissioning. We have worked with the largest contractors, architects, and engineering firms in the area and have references available on request.

Community Solar

Public buildings owned by municipal governments are eligible to be a community solar project site; ask us about this method of public and private partnership.