Koch Brothers Defame Solar Industry

EcoWatch reported this week that front groups for the Koch Brothers are launching a misinformation campaign intended to undermine solar power in Washington State. From the article:

Mark Twain said it best, there are 'lies, damned lies and statistics.' It’s hard to tell which is which after closely reviewing the latest hatchet job on solar energy by the Koch brothers’ front group, The Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA). "Aside from spelling solar correctly, much of the report, Filling the Solar Sinkhole, is untrue or misleading—including its basic assertion that the U.S. solar industry receives $39 billion in annual subsidies. Seriously? How can that be? How can an industry with a U.S. market value of $15 billion receive $39 billion in annual subsidies? The answer: it doesn’t.  "This is fuzzy math....

To learn more about this unconscionable hatchet job on solar, click HERE.