Our Mission

The dilemma...
Production of abundant and cheap oil resources that built our economy peaked in 1970, with other fossil fuels to follow, and since then we have been on a rollercoaster of volatility in fossil fuels. In the US our energy needs were being met in large part by imported energy, but now by dirty production methods like hydraulic fracturing. On top of all this our natural environment is suffering from overuse, under-protection, careless accidents, and the byproducts of our fossil fuel economy. The picture looks bleak, but fortunately YOU can help make a difference.
This is where you come in...
Homes use 12% of all energy in Seattle, and passenger cars use another 22%. This means that homeowners with a car can directly affect their portion of one third of our energy consumption by reducing demand and producing solar energy. On average, each day in Seattle enough raw solar energy falls on a typical residential 40x100 foot lots to power 50 homes. Today's solar energy technology allows us to tap into this supply and, without harming the environment, use as much as we are able to collect. Combine this with a program to reduce home energy consumption and electrify transportation and you have a very powerful antidote to our problems. Best of all, this needs no other catalyst than you, hence our original slogan “You make the difference”.
We're here to help!
14 years ago Puget Sound Solar was formed as a way to enable people to take advantage of their solar resource for the capture and use of energy on-site using photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. To these products we have added energy audits, and electric vehicle charging equipment sales and installation. Our services can help you take control of your energy needs and allow you to create your own energy policy. Solar energy technology has improved considerably in the last three decades and now is becoming a permanent part of our lives. In the year 2015, as never before, it is up to us to change our energy future for the better. You can help it pivot toward sustainability and stabilize your own energy costs at the same time by becoming a solar energy producer! We invite you to browse through the information on our website and contact us if you would like to know more.