Study: The Bush School

Solar underwriting a bright future for tomorrows youth....

The Bush School's photovoltaic system was funded by the parent of a student attending the private school. Whit Hamlin, who previously had us install a residential system at his home, had a daughter entering the first grade at the K-12 school. His primary aim was a power-dense sytem that maximized production per dollar and would meaningfully impact the school's bottom line.

To that end, we installed 126 Mage 230watt modules with 3 SMA 8000 277 3p 4w inverters on the Bush school during the summer of 2011. The 28.98kw system was installed using standard iron ridge racking, and electrically tied into the gym’s electrical system. The solar system, which saved the school roughly $2,600 in power costs the first year, will save some $124,000 during its 30-year warranty period. The panels are expected to last 50 years and should save the school $295,000 in power costs. The Bush School is at 3400 E. Harrison St. near the Washington Park Arboretum. The system was the largest system on a Seattle school in 2011. You can see their daily production here. Whit Hamlin owns the real estate investment company Parkside Investments.