Plan for smart solar energy conversions — affordable and real solutions for real people.

Are you considering building an addition or new structure and thinking about installing solar panels? Would you like to offset your  electricity use with on-site solar? Are you ready to help alleviate the environmental impacts of coal-generated electricity?  Perhaps you would like to play an active role in implementing solar energy at your home, business or farm?

If you are  asking yourself these questions, then you could benefit from 21 Acres’ inaugural Solar Home Design course and learn how to use the sun for heat, power, and comfort.  Jeremy Smithson of Puget Sound Solar and Chris Herman of Winter Sun Design will be teaching this comprehensive and affordable series that will give you the information and access to tools you need to take advantage of our cleanest and most abundant source of energy.

Offered on six consecutive Tuesday evenings, May 8th through June 5th. 

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