On 9/11 we hit 1 megawatt of solar sold this year and we're still going strong!

To put that in perspective, early on we were installing 180kW-250kW per year and last year we installed 850kW of PV, In fact, our first megawatt took almost nine years while our second took almost three years.

2001 to end of 2009 = 1 MW

October 12th 2012 = 2 MW

January 7th 2014 = 3 MW

September 11th = 4 MW

This puts us on schedule to exceed our 40% annual growth trend. The energy sector better watch out for our solar Tsunami – our hard working crews just don’t quit!

At this point in 2014, Puget Sound Solar has installed 11% of the solar in the state of Washington and over 40% of the solar in Seattle City Light territory.

Solar isn't just our business – it’s our contribution to Seattle's future. A clean, sustainable, and secure future.

Reaching this milestone on the thirteenth anniversary of 9/11 in our thirteenth year of operation renders our latest megawatt a stark reminder that our nation's energy security is a local concern.