On Friday Puget Sound Solar customer Bill Thorness  was chosen to recieve this year's Sustainable Hero award. The award from Sustainable Seattle is given to individuals or organizations who go above and beyond in their quest to build a clean, sustainable, green-powered future for our region.

We can think of few who are more deserving than Bill, who has become a green-power force to be reckoned with. We first met Bill when he was on the board of Seattle Tilth. An avid community gardener and cyclist, he has written numerous articles and a couple of books on those subjects.  When he became interested in solar energy Bill wasn't content to just add that to his own home, he also worked for a couple of years to lay the groundwork for the Solarize Seattle/Northwest campaign.

When that project had come to fruition Bill then made his experience available to the organizers of the Solarize Seattle/Central-Southeast program, and now Bill is working to put solar on the Phinney Neighborhood Center.  His tireless efforts are an inspiration to everyone who wants to ensure our region thrives and survives.

We've long maintained our customers are the ones building the future, and that we're just here to help them with logistics. No one provides better proof of that than Bill Thorness.