Puget Sound Solar has installed the largest system of solar panels on a school in the city of Seattle.
The project was funded by the parent of a student at the private school. Whit Hamlin, who was with Vulcan Real Estate and now has his own real estate investment company called Parkside Investment, has a daughter going into first grade at the K-12 school. Hamlin wanted Bush to be able to purchase a solar photovoltaic system large enough to have a significant impact on the school's bottom line.
The solar system is expected to save the school $2,600 in power costs the first year and should save $124,000 during its 30-year warranty period, assuming utility costs increase by 3 percent.
The panels are expected to last 50 years and save the school $295,000 in power costs.
The school is at 3400 E. Harrison St. near the Washington Park Arboretum.