The parking lot at business process automation company Curtis Consulting Group is crammed with electric cars, and the building is bristling with solar panels.  What's going on over there?  To answer that question, we're kicking off our series of posts highlighting EV+PV customers with a look at this exemplary outfit, and their visionary leader, Mark Curtis.

Two years ago Mark got a Nissan Leaf and called EV Support for an estimate to provide and install a charging station.  He decided to have us install a Clippercreek LCS-25 and we got to chatting about solar.  Before long, our crew had designed and installed a 9 kW PV system for CCG's building on Front St. in Issaquah.  For us it was a pretty straightforward process, but Mark worked with the City of Issaquah to get approval for replacement (with low-growing trees) of a row of very tall and ungainly fir trees that were reducing the solar access on the CCG building roof.  Mark also took advantage of the EV Project program to get two Blink charging stations installed there and made them available for public use.  As time went on, more and more CCG employees saw the advantage of driving electric and now the parking lot sports seven plug-in cars.  Mark even hired us to install a third charging station to help handle the demand for workplace charging.

Along the way, Mark and his team developed the Energy Minder service that we now offer as a standard monitoring package to all of our PV customers.  Energy Minder monitors solar production as well as electricity usage.  Several of our EV+PV customers monitor the EV charging circuit separately so that they know exactly how much of their solar production is going to the car(s).

All in all, Mark Curtis is a real friend of solar energy and electric transportation, who puts his money where his values are and is showing the way for others to do the same.  Thanks Mark!