Puget Sound Solar is pressing forward with its Energize Seattle project to promote the use of solar energy production and energy efficiency to create a zero carbon population in Seattle. The city's density, green impulses, money, incentives, and simple permitting process combine to make it a petri dish for whole house energy projects and solar development. The equation is simple and it includes family cars that can be propelled by electricity.
energize seattle balance
Many homes in Seattle and the surrounding cities can be retrofitted to use far less energy and outfitted with solar energy systems to meet demand.  Modern building science empowers us to pinpoint problems and derive huge efficiency gains from targeted corrective measures.  Include the capability of many homes to produce solar power, and the replacement of petrol powered cars with electric powered cars and you have a recipe for economic and environmental recovery.
It starts with a whole house energy assessment. This service is performed by our BPI certified team and is subsidized by Seattle City Light. An assessment will give you a plan for achieving energy balance for your home, and estimated costs of the various measures used to get there.
For more information contact info@soundhomeperformance.com or by phone, 206 402 6926.