Since 2005, several studies have indicated that we can achieve an 80% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 with a 60/40 mix of energy efficiency and renewables. So far in 2012, Puget Sound Solar is close to the mark with these totals for projects completed in the first half of the year:

This means our customers achieved a ratio of 57% efficiency and 43% renewable energy.

We also installed 19 Electric Vehicle Charging stations for EV owners by June 30 this year.  If we assume each car does 8,000 miles/yr of electric driving, altogether they will avoid the purchase and burning of 5,000 gal/yr of gasoline, further reducing carbon emissions.

We will update these numbers at the end of the year, and the outlook is good.  If you include the energy required to refine the gasoline they won't be buying, our customers' projects completed in 2012 will net 1,364,600 kWh/yr.