There isn’t a cleaner source of power for your home than the sun. Most of the solar energy that is produced in Washington comes from residential rooftops and Puget Sound Solar makes adding solar to your home’s roof painless and worry-free. We handle design, permitting, installation, interconnection, monitoring, and maintenance. We can also direct you to financing from excellent local institutions.

A solar energy system adds value to your home and creates a permanent income. The only other home improvement that can make that claim is an accessory dwelling unit. It is a hedge against electricity rate inflation that can occur for reasons that are beyond your control; the cost of sunshine never increases beyond zero. Solar panel arrays keep unwanted heat out of your attic in the summertime, and will slow the weathering of roofing materials.  They can make attractive awnings, pergolas, and carports.

Since solar panels are expected to have very long lives, they may become a legacy that you are leaving for the next owner of your house. If you are raising a family, they will “grow up solar” and will carry their understanding and knowledge of solar energy to their peers and to the next generation.

By producing energy on the power grid your home will have value to your community, reducing the need for new power generation as the local population grows.

Puget Sound Solar does free evaluations and estimates; contact us today to get yours.