Anyone who worked in the campaign to pass I-937, the initiative to establish a renewable portfolio standard for Washington, knew that Sam Garst was no ordinary volunteer; he gathered 3,200 signatures on the petition.  We met Sam in Olympia in 2005 when we were working on another policy issue, the one that established our production incentive program.  Sam came to hearings and testified on behalf of the program, and then hired Puget Sound Solar to install a 4.5 kW PV system on the roof of the new, energy-efficient home he and Christine were building in the Olympia area.  In addition, we installed an off-grid tracker to power a waterfall feature in the back yard.  Sam expanded the system on the main roof in 2009, and then added another system on the garage.  He needed the extra production for the two EVs that they purchased.

Sam passed away this week, and our hearts are heavy, but we celebrate his life, his infectious enthusiasm, and his considerable accomplishments toward the creation of a carbon-neutral world.

garst 2006