Seattlites are proving American exceptionalism and driving the nation's revolution in energy efficiency by demanding greater performance from their homes, cleaner ways of commuting, and leveraging the sun for domestic power.

Before August ends Puget Sound Solar will have installed more kilowatts of solar power, more electric vehicle charging stations, and completed more home performance upgrades than it did in 2011.

By year's end, our hard-working crew of Green Power crusaders will have installed 534 kilowatts of solar panels and hot water heating systems. Not to mention, some 42 ESVE stations for commuters who want to drive clean by filling their cars with sun.

Meanwhile, our Sound Home Performance crew has completed 12 panel upgrades, 22 knob and tube rewires, installed thousands of square feet of insulation, and numerous heat pumps. And more are on the way!

That isn't just cleaner and cheaper living, it also reduces the risk of fire and makes our region's families safer. Puget Sound is trending green, and its dynamic citizens are showing their pioneer spirit by leading the world's charge into a sustainable future.