Welcome to Seattle's original Solar Job Creator!  Since 2001 Puget Sound Solar has had the priviledge of hiring many top-notch people who are motivated to work in this industry, a few of whom went out and started their own solar businesses.  Over the years we have brought many electricians and installers into the world of solar and as the market grows, we are continuing to create new job positions and are seeking qualified individuals to fill those positions.

If you have little or no experience installing solar energy systems we do provide training. As new codes arise and as products are continually being introduced into the solar marketplace we will keep you up to date with the latest and greatest.

The work we do is physically demanding so although a background in construction work is not a requirement, it is what we look for in a good candidate.  Other skills and experience that will get you the job:

Take a look at the more detailed descriptions in the links below, and good luck!