Puget Sound Solar customer Kimberly Christiansen doesn't just want a green home; she wants a green community that is mindful of public health. Not just for her children, but for our children, too.

To that end, Kimberly is helping lead the campaign to keep Big Coal from spreading toxic dust along our rail lines, in our ports, on our highways, and into our groundwater. She knows it’s not just a risk to the health of our great city, but exacerbates the global climate crisis as well.
 It’s not a comfortable thing, to stand before a room full of people and speak what is in my heart,
Kimberly said.
 But I know that the issues that I care about are not going to fix themselves. They require work. They require many hands and many voices. They require my work and my voice.
As good as her word, Kimberly is attending the Hearing on Coal Export in Washington at North Seattle Community College on November 13 from 4pm to 7pm to speak her mind and demand responsible community stewardship with a move away from Big Coal.
Coal is the dirtiest fossil fuel, by far. It’s an issue that families, health care providers, tribal leaders, faith communities, environmentalists, conservatives, liberals, and elected officials are coming together on out of mutual concern.
We invite you to join Kimberly in her fight for our region's well-being and green future.
For more information, go to www.PowerPastCoal.org, or contact Robin Everett of the Sierra Club at 206.378.0114 x 308 or mailto:robin.everett@sierraclub.org.