Diane Horn's segment of "Mind Over Matters"on KEXP 90.3 fm this Saturday July 27 at 7 a.m.- a program you won't want to miss. She will be joined by our own Pamela Burton and Jennifer Grove of NW Seed where they will be talking about all the latest and important solar energy topics including Washington state policy,growth of Solar in Seattle, and the "Solarize Seattle: South/East" campaign.

The interview will be in the KEXP'S live streaming section. If you miss the interview you can always find it through the KEXP Archive and choose "Saturday July 27th, Mind over Matters, 7a.m.".

Save it for later by going to http://www.kexp.org/podcasts#mom and click on RSS/Podcast and you'll have a copy of the Pam and Diane. If you are Apple friendly you can also get the podcast through Itunes. Tune in to the station and Solarize your mind!