For the past seven years Jason Lerner, one of our staff electricians, has been helping install solar in Costa Rica.

This is the Thirteenth year for the class that Ian started, and the 7th I have been involved

Jason told us.

Rancho Mastatal is an incredible place promoting renewable energy, Permaculture, and natural building techniques right on the edge of the rainforest. Three delicious meals from scratch are provided, with much of the food coming from the ranch or close by. It is an experience never to be missed.

This year's Photovoltaics for the Developing World (PVDW) class in Costa Rica March 21-29th 2015.

Participants will take a week to get to know a very small community of around 100 people on the edge of the Rainforest,  and learn the basics of small PV systems in a rural developing world setting, how they work,  and what they can power.

The group then learns how to design these systems and take our knowledge into the bush and install three systems,  some close by,  and some a walk thru streams, and over hills.  These 40 watt PV systems change people’s lives.

Do you want to participate? If so, check out the following links.