In 2006 Al Gore’s wake-up call, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, gave us an up-close look at the problems caused by climate change, but didn’t give us much in the way of solutions.  Fast-forward to 2011: Carbon Nation is a documentary about climate change that pairs real solutions with the problems, and invites the viewer to participate in the work of stemming global warming.  
Many of us are already engaged in this effort in one way or another, but 2012 is shaping up to be a peak year for opportunities and incentives available to homeowners who want to do more.
Sustainable Greenwood / Phinney is hosting a screening of ‘Carbon Nation’ at the Greenwood Senior Center - 585 N 85th St - (a nice auditorium) on January 21st at 7 pm.  Puget Sound Solar will introduce the film and then lead a discussion afterward during which we will examine the unprecedented opportunities for positive change and propose a plan of action that empowers home and car owners to improve our environment and our economy while saving money and living more comfortably.
Please join us for an evening of good news and stimulating conversation about our future.