Electricians:  Are you looking for work that is not just the same old grind

 Do you want to work on the cutting edge of renewable energy? 

Come try us out at PUGET SOUND SOLAR!  We have a lot of good people for you to work with.  We have a lot of commercial and residential solar work that needs a good electrician who wants to expand her/or/his horizon.  We have commercial EV charging station installation work; get a leg up on the coming wave of EVSE work (it’s really coming.)

Here’s What You Get:

Here’s What We Need:

CONTACT US AT 206.706.1931 or jobs@pugetsoundsolar.com  and let’s talk!

Company: Puget Sound Solar is proud to be one of the state’s premier solar contractors with 1400+ installations in the greater Seattle area. Our employees enjoy the opportunity to excel with a fast-growing company known for a strong dedication to the renewable energy future, innovation, equitable treatment of staff and a positive work environment.

Major areas of responsibility:

Specific Responsibilities of the Job:

To Apply:   Submit resume to alee@pugetsoundsolar.com.