Puget Sound Solar is now a SunPower Authorized Dealer!

SunPower produces the highest rated solar panels in the world; aesthetically pleasing, power-dense solar panels ideal for many Seattle homes, which often have small or complicated roofs.

SunPower systems require less labor per watt and less panels on your roof -- unless you want even more power!

For instance, a roof that could take 7.2kW of typical solar panels could take 10.4 kW of SunPower panels.

This is because SunPower panels place the metal contacts on the back side of the solar cells, giving an unobstructed surface area to collect the sunlight.

This, combined with specially treated premium monocrystalline silicon, optimizes energy conversion and allows SunPower modules to:

SunPower also rigorously tests its panels under extreme conditions and offers a 25-year warranty rather than the industry-standard 10-year warranty.

The warranty includes coastal regions without exceptions, which is important in Seattle.

We're excited to be able to offer SunPower as an excellent option for customer's who want them.