David Lazerwitz met the requirements and passed the exam in March to become a NABCEP certified PV Installer/Designer. David is our fourth crew member to achieve the full NABCEP certification for PV installation and design. Jeremy Smithson, Michiel Zuidweg, and Nick Wolf also have full PV Installer certificates.  Jeremy has a NABCEP Solar Thermal certificate as well.
The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is the “gold standard” for PV and solar thermal installation certification. Designed to raise industry standards and promote consumer confidence, NABCEP offers certification and certificate programs to renewable energy professionals throughout North America.

NABCEP’s goal is to develop voluntary national certification programs that will:
  • Promote renewable energy;
  • Provide value to practitioners;
  • Promote worker safety and skill; and
  • Promote consumer confidence
NABCEP is committed to providing a certification program of quality and integrity for the professionals and consumer/public it is designed to serve. Professionals who choose to become certified demonstrate their competence in the field and their commitment to upholding high standards of ethical and professional practice.