Installation was just completed on a photovoltaic array at the Bellevue Service Center.The completed 23.22 kilowatt system consists of 86 Itek 275 watt panels and six Itek Theia inverters--all made in Washington!

The system was purchased with part of a $105,191 Solar Grant Award from the Washington State Department of Commerce awarded to the City of Bellevue.

To comply with grant requirements the system must produce a minimum of 20,000 kWhs per year. The system is expected to produce 22,746 kWh per year. The project supports Bellevue’s Environmental Stewardship Initiative plan, and there will be a public website that showcases the array’s production to help with education.

The system will be the first solar array on the roof of a City of Bellevue owned building, and is expected to supply about eight percent of the building's energy needs on sunny days.

The city was also awarded a $500,000 Energy Efficiency Grant for several energy efficiency measures, but that is pending Council approval later in 2014.