Some Seattle solar panel salesmen claim that they are ‘most experienced’, but Puget Sound Solar launched the photovoltaic revolution in Seattle in 2001 with the first net-metered residential solar electric system installation in this town. I’m not talking about a boot-leg system with a couple of panels on a pole, but a roof-mounted, code-compliant, grid-connected, permitted system that broke the ice and started the ball rolling.  Since then we have installed over 700 solar energy systems with a nameplate rating of 2.65 megawatts and counting.  Along the way we have installed over 280 EV charging stations and performed over 600 home energy audits and 250 energy retrofits that save our customers millions of kilowatt hours of energy each year.

Now in our 13th year, we have expanded our warehouse to 6,000 SF, and our fleet of trucks to 13.  Our offices occupy 960 SF, and we have 30 employees (and growing).

So if you are thinking about solar energy and are wary of overblown claims about experience and '110%' performance; if you would like the straight dope about solar and not high-pressure sales tactics, call us.  You'll be glad you did.