Dr. Steve Olynyk recently decided it was time for Renton Chiropractic to go green, and he chose Puget Sound Solar to make it happen.



In looking for ways to be more efficient in business while helping build our region's sustainable future, Dr. Olynyk wasn't satisfied with simply installing a charging station for his electric vehicle at work. He decided to install a photovoltaic solar system for his business as well!

Renton Chiropractic's roof-mounted PV system consists of 38x Itek Energy 250 Watt modules (9.50 kW total) and 3x Itek Theia 3.800 Watt central inverters. The carbon footprint offsets gained from the system are impressive.

Such an array could produce enough energy to offset his business' carbon footprint by 15,700 Lbs (based on the EPA's national average of 1.56 Lbs/kWh), and pay for itself in as little as 6 years. It could also also offset 112% of a typical Seattle home's electrical usage, or power an electric vehicle for up to 34800 miles of driving per year.

Are you interested in solar for your home or business? If so, we can help.