If you are planning a solar project for a commercial or public building, you will benefit from hiring Puget Sound Solar.

Seattle's First Solar Contractor

Puget Sound Solar has installed numerous large and small commercial PV systems since 2005.   

Tailored for You

No two buildings are alike. Our expert team of in-house engineers will custom design your solar system based on your facilities unique architecture and projected long-term electrical consumption.  We have experience designing systems that qualify for LEED certification, or meet local preservation board requirements.  

Commercial Solar and the Energy Codes

The Seattle Energy Code (articles C406, C406.5, C411, C411.1 and C412, Onsite renewable energy systems) requires solar, and the State Energy Code R406 makes solar one of eight options for attaining building energy performance minimums in new commercial building construction. We have extensive experience with these projects and provide complete electrical and design information to engineers, architects, and builders.  Our team works well on site with general contractors, electrical contractors, and construction managers and we know how to keep to project schedules.


Puget Sound Solar provides products that are a best fit for the project, and that will have the most value:

  • PV modules
  • Mounting systems
  • Combiners & sub panels
  • Inverters
  • Monitoring systems
  • Specialty hardware
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Where Puget Sound Solar shines is in the services we provide. Our bid proposals include most of the information that will be in the submittal package:


Detailed Bid Proposals:

  • PV module (solar panel) specifications
  • Dimensioned CAD drawings including-
  • PV module array layouts
  • Fire Code compliance
  • Array elevations
  • Structural loads
  • Wind load calculations
  • Ballast block layouts
  • Riser Diagrams
  • Inverter and switchgear elevations

Submittals include:

  • Oneline diagrams
  • Electrical calculations
  • Electrical site plan
  • O&M Manuals


  • Hoisting & staging
  • Rough-in and attachments
  • Commissioning
  • As-built drawings and manuals


  • Maintenance service
  • Monitoring
  • Warranty service

Why Hire Puget Sound Solar

  • No delays
  • No change orders
  • Fast response to RFI’s
  • Tax credit and incentive information provided
  • Excellent safety record

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Quality Installation & Project Management

Our professional installation teams have extensive experience, an excellent safety record, and pride themselves on ensuring every job is a quality job. Our supervisors are NABCEP certified, which is the most respected certification in our industry, and have installed over 1,000 systems for apartments, condos, businesses, institutions, private residences, and schools. All our commercial electricians and installers are in house and have either OSHA 10 or OSHA 30.  

Hassle Free

From beginning to end we make going solar easy for your business. We complete all the net metering paperwork and state incentive program forms, and coordinate with your local permitting agency, city inspectors, and utility to get your meters installed and system turned on in a timely fashion.  

The Best Materials

We use only the highest quality solar panels, racking, and peripheral components. We prefer to work with materials made in the State of Washington, or the United States -- but will aqcuire whatever suits your individual project needs best.  

Optimize ROI with Incentives

Federal, state and local governments offer incredible financial incentives to encourage businesses to invest in renewable energy, leading with a 30% federal tax credit and accelerated depreciation of 85% of the cost over 5 years. Our technical sales team can help you identify the qualifying programs for your business to maximize your ROI.  

Active Monitoring

Puget Sound Solar offers active monitoring of your system production for the duration of our 10-year warranty. Software enables our team to keep track of production patterns. A vigilant eye on this data ensures your system is always performing as it should.

Public Solar and Schools

We have extensive experience designing and installing solar on public works projects for the State of Washington, King County, and the City of Seattle. Are you a looking for a solar bid for a public project? Contact us for a firm quote. We are familiar with the whole process, from contracts, bonds, and submittals to commissioning. We have worked with the largest contractors, architects, and engineering firms in the area and have references available on request.