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Parents and educators are finding creative new ways to teach students during the pandemic.

Here’s a fun way to teach kids about solar and renewable energy. We have a Solar Workbook and a comic book, “MegaWatts” to check out by clicking on the links below. We’ll share the sequel to the comic, “Blackout” next week.

The American Solar Energy Society, (ASES) Solar Workbook is filled with 37 pages of solar coloring, solar true-false "test" questions and solar math worksheets.  Download it from our page and once it’s completed, kids can send their completed workbooks in to ASES to receive a Certificate!

(ASES is the parent chapter of Solar Washington, which has regularly scheduled meetings where solar enthusiasts gather to learn and network and they just hosted the 2020 Solar Summit which focused heavily on policy and Utility issues. [Boring and not for kids.])

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Click here to get the ASES Solar Workbook.pdf

Our second fun feature of the week is the REC Solar comic book, MegaWatts where kids can read the exciting adventures of characters, Solar Power, Wind Power, Sir MicroGrid, The Generator and Fuel Cell as they take on the bad guy, Lord Global Warming.

Enjoy the first episode of the REC Solar comic book MegaWatts and next week, we’ll share Blackout, the sequel to MegaWatts.

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Download MegaWatts here - REC Solar Comic Book #1 MegaWatts_1.pdf

Stay tuned for Blackout!

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Started Puget Sound Solar in 2001 with 30 years of construction contracting experience, and a desire to turn Seattle on to solar energy. Achieving NABCEP certification in 2004, Jeremy believes that our customers often follow a path similar to the one he took, starting out with solar daydreaming, then progressing to education on the subject, and eventually leading to action. In addition to leading the company he also does some teaching and speaking engagements about various aspects of solar energy, and experiments relentlessly with various solar, energy efficiency, and electric vehicle projects.

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