810 dexter layout

 The crane operator at the 810 Dexter project slings 19 pallets of materials up to the roof for a 25.5 kW PV system to be installed by our commercial solar crew led by Michiel Zuidweg.  The project owner decided to go beyond the Seattle Energy Code requirements with this initial PV system.  40% of the roof area must be 'solar ready', so there is room for more.

The South Lake Union area makes a good commercial 'solar district' because of the uniform building heights.  This zoning should be maintained by DPD if they plan to increase the use of solar in downtown Seattle, otherwise tall towers could overshadow the solar envelope and destroy the solar resource.

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Started Puget Sound Solar in 2001 with 30 years of construction contracting experience, and a desire to turn Seattle on to solar energy. Achieving NABCEP certification in 2004, Jeremy believes that our customers often follow a path similar to the one he took, starting out with solar daydreaming, then progressing to education on the subject, and eventually leading to action. In addition to leading the company he also does some teaching and speaking engagements about various aspects of solar energy, and experiments relentlessly with various solar, energy efficiency, and electric vehicle projects.

Jeremy Smithson

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