Greenwood Car Show - Electric Vehicles

Puget Sound Solar showed two of our electric vehicles at the 2019 Greenwood Car show in Seattle on Saturday, June 29th.  We brought our Toyota RAV4 EV (which uses Tesla’s batteries, engine and drivetrain) and our Ford EcoStar. We parked with the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA) and spent the day talking to people about driving electric.

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SEVA members brought a mix of factory-built and customized electric vehicles.  It’s amazing to see the engineering, design and mechanical work with the custom conversions. SEVA members are super knowledgeable about converting internal combustible cars into electric vehicles and it was clear on Saturday that they love talking to people considering their own conversion project or simply driving electric.

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Many of the car show attendees were surprised to see so many factory-built options alongside the custom rigs.  We answered a lot of questions related to EV ranges, charging needs and how well solar and EV’s pair up.

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While most people were at the car show to check out the classic cars, they are also aware of the problems internal combustion cars present to the environment and many talked about their next car being a hybrid or all-electric.

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If you’re considering going electric, check out a SEVA monthly meeting and if you need an EV charging station, please give Puget Sound Solar a call for a free quote.

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There's also some video of the event shot by one of the SEVA members that you can check out on YouTube -

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Greenwood Car Show - Electric Vehicles