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(Photo courtesy of Energy Northwest.)

When this new 75MW project is installed in 2022, it will represent the largest solar installation in Washington to date and will power up to 11,000 homes.

Located at Hanford nuclear reservation, it’s a great use of land resources that likely couldn’t be used for any other purpose. Additionally, they may be able to use some of the leftover intra-structure from WPPS, (Washington Public Power Supply System) the largest defaulted municipal bond ($2.25 billion) in US history that only resulted in two of five nuclear reactors going online.

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(Photo courtesy of Energy Northwest.)

This 75 MW project will be adjacent to another clean energy testbed, a 20 acre, 4 MW solar plus storage site, which powers about 600 homes in the Richland area.

2020 12 16 horn rapids solar project

(Photo courtesy of Energy Northwest.)

Increasingly, energy providers are selecting solar plus storage over more expensive and toxic energy generation options such as fossil fuels and nuclear. Solar is now the cheapest option for new electrical generation.

2020 12 07 utility dentralized model

A balanced, interconnected grid with centralized and decentralized solar + storage resources saves ratepayers money, increases the stability of our electricity, eliminates our dependency upon foreign-sourced fossil fuels AND, most importantly reduces CO2 emissions that contribute to the Climate Crisis.


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