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Puget Sound Solar joined up with Seattle City Light (SCL), Washington Department of Commerce (DOC) and Seattle Parks and Recreation (DPR) at Miller Community Center on December 9th, 2019 for an open house focusing on our upcoming microgrid installation at the Center. Attendees learned about the upcoming construction schedule and how a microgrid benefits the local community. 

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We’re excited about this installation because it’s an innovative project showcasing how renewables are uniquely positioned to assist a community when emergencies occur. This is the first microgrid in Seattle and it’s comprised of solar photovoltaics (PV), energy storage (batteries) and microgrid controllers. The controllers will decide if the system should be connected to or islanded from Seattle City Light’s electrical grid based upon whether or not the main grid is working. 

We’re installing 47.25kW (kilowatts) of LG 360W solar modules on PanelClaw Polar Bear III racking feeding three Solectria 14TL solar inverters.  The solar arrays will cover two of Miller Community Center’s three buildings. 

DNV GL was involved in the site selection and is providing oversight on the project based on their experiences with other microgrid projects around the globe.  The University of Washington will compile and analyze data, and Worley is the main contractor on this project. 

The project is being funded by Seattle City Light and Washington State’s Department of Commerce’s Clean Energy Fund. 

Stay tuned as we’ll provide updates as this project moves forward.

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