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Who appears in the middle of the night and leaves presents?  If you guessed the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus those would be right answers, but in the case of solar incentive programs it’s the Washington State Legislature who passed SB 5939, the Solar Jobs bill, at 1:57 AM this morning.

This bill was not included in the budget as of 4:00 PM Thursday, but came back from the dead as a bargaining chip (more about that later) that evening and was placed on the Senate Floor Calendar yesterday, and passed out of the Senate at 1:25 AM today, then out of the House at 1:57.

This is a big victory for Washington and solar jobs all across the state.  There are some details to be worked out, but the big push is over.  Thanks to all who contacted their legislators, you were hugely effective.  Every Representative and Senator heard about the bill from their constituents, right up to the last minute.

We will post information about the new program as the rules are developed over the next month.  Good job, everybody!

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Started Puget Sound Solar in 2001 with 30 years of construction contracting experience, and a desire to turn Seattle on to solar energy. Achieving NABCEP certification in 2004, Jeremy believes that our customers often follow a path similar to the one he took, starting out with solar daydreaming, then progressing to education on the subject, and eventually leading to action. In addition to leading the company he also does some teaching and speaking engagements about various aspects of solar energy, and experiments relentlessly with various solar, energy efficiency, and electric vehicle projects.

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