Living in a condo or townhouse isn’t a bar to using solar power for electricity, heating, air conditioning, and hot water.

Solar systems have traditionally been the province of single family homes, but neighbors dwelling in conjoined structures are starting to see the benefits of cooperation in sustainability.

This 24-panel system installed on a two-townhome unit in Seattle’s central area uses made-in-Washington Silicon Energy PV panels with a matching inverter for each domicile – providing each townhome 2.34 kilowatt hours of electrical production.

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Not enough roof? Look again!


Not only will the system slash the owners power bills, but it will pay for itself through a combination of Federal tax credits, State tax waivers, and a whopping $.54 per kilowatt hour production incentive for made in Washington systems.

It also makes for an aesthetically pleasing set of eaves.

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Dual Purposed: Lovely Eaves


Solar does work in rainy Seattle. Germany, widely recognized as the world leader in solar, only receives 70% of the annual sunshine that Seattle gets.

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Solar in Seattle