Hey, here's an idea:  Let the SUN move you around!  In 2006 we got a highway capable electric car, a 1997 Solectria, and after driving it for awhile and measuring the power used to charge the batteries, we did some arithmetic to find out that one kilowatt of solar electric system will give you about 3,000 to 4,000 miles of driving per year.  How's that for squeaky clean transportation?  We happen to think that this is revolutionary; that you can get all the energy you need for personal transportation from your roof, in Seattle!  You don't have to leave the country, the state, or even your own home to get all energy for passenger cars.  We also replaced our pickup truck with a 1997 S-10 EV, GM's factory-built electric truck, an amazing piece of engineering.

This year we expect to see three new plug in cars enter the U.S. market and several more next year.  This time, it looks as though the technology is here to stay.

If you are planning to purchase an EV, please visit www.evsupport.com for links to news about the coming transportation revolution.

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Our S-10 EV


Pam’s Solectria