Solar power in a leafy urban paradise....

The Greenfire project's goal was to create a socially and environmentally sustainable ecology amid Ballard's increasingly developed urban environment. The site, which was approved for a 157-unit condo project, instead has just 18 residences and some 18,000 square feet of office and retail space.

A part of the multifaceted greening approach employed was a photovoltaic solar system intended to offset 70% of the campus' hot water energy needs.

To this end, we installed 48 Silicon Energy 200W modules and 2 Silicon Energy 5300watt inverters on Applied Energy Technologies ballasted racking.

The project required extensive coordination between our team, architects, building contractor, and multiple subcontractors -- and the results are fantastic! This system will produce about 10378 kwhs year, representing 7% renewable energy for the project and providing four points towards the Greenfire Campus' LEED Platinum certification.

The myriad of green design techniques and technologies employed allow the site to use significantly less energy, water, and other resources than most buildings. But they are just one part of a bigger, planned ecosystem. Rain from the buildings’ roofs feed a brand-new wetland, planted with sedges, ferns, camas and willow. A tiny “orchard” of native bitter cherry trees was included because birds like their fruit. Yet another area was landscaped specifically to attract butterflies. Every apartment also received a P-patch of 200 square feet!

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