whysidebarA historic building leading the way to the future...

The Hansen Building, built in 1904, is situated in the Ballard Avenue Historic District. This project is a great example of how multiple interested parties can come together to green Seattle. The owners, who are strong proponents of solar power and have an array on their own home, wanted the system  to both offset energy costs and serve to educate the neighborhood about solar.

Due to the building's location in a nationally registered historic place, we worked hand-in-hand with the Ballard Historical Society to ensure the array and inverter would have a minimal impact on the building's structure and profile. We also worked with the City of Seattle to have several adjacent trees on city property that would have shaded the array trimmed.

The PV system is comprised of 24 Solarworld 270 watt modules with 24 Enphase M250 micro inverters on Schletter windsafe racking. The ballasted racking provided an economical and low-profile solution for our clients. The array used every possible inch of roof within the constraints of minimized visibility and potential shading to maximize production -- which will be about 5920kwhs annually and completely offset the electricity for the building's second floor offices.

As the first solar system installed in Historic Ballard it proves that heritage and green-technology can co-exist in our modern world -- and sets a new standard for its venerable community.