decatur solarPower to the People...

The members of Orcas Power and Light, who subscribed to this community solar project that Puget Sound Solar designed and installed in 2018 on Decatur Island.  This was no mean feat in that everything had to be barged over from the mainland and then trucked to the site adjacent to an existing OPALCO substation.  The property wasn't being used by the utility, so it was chosen as the site of the first of OPALCO's planned solar projects.

The objective was to supply at least 500 kilowatts of DC rated power and this was done with (1344) LG 375W & (6) Yaskawa Solectria PVI 60TL on SunModo ground mount racks.

A transformer was connected on the PV side by Puget Sound Solar and on the other side by OPALCO crew who had been on site to install some upgrades to the substation as well as the solar feeder.