Energy off-sets, tax credits, 7-year paybacks and sun-powered cars!

Dr. Steve Olynyk of Renton Chiropractic wanted a photovoltaic solar system to offset 30% of his annual office energy costs and pay for itself in under 7 years. He also wanted a sun-powered EV charger for his Nissan Leaf! Due to the roof layout, we installed the 9.703 kW array on three different roofs sections: 12 iTek 250's facing E-SE, 13 iTek 250's facing due S, and 13 iTek 250's Facing W. The panels were connected to 3 Eltek Theia 3800 inverters wired into two sub panels, which accommodate three inverters and the Bosch ev13-133b rapid EV charger.

The system, which met Dr. Olynyk's 30% and 7-year goals, also provides a tax credit Renton Chiropractic can utilize over a two year period. It can also pump enough sun into his Leaf batteries to drive it up to 33200 miles per year, and reduces his annual carbon footprint by 15000 Lbs*.

Curious about the numbers? You can check Dr. Olynyk's production via eGuage: here. You can also see our installation crew hard at work in the video embedded below:


*Based on the EPA's national average of 1.56 Lbs/kWh.