Matt Harding, of “Where the Hell is Matt?” YouTube fame, decided to focus more locally and produce power for his home and Tesla Model S on his own roof. Matt’s project features low-profile S-5! Clamps for his standing metal seam roof, and black-framed modules for a unique and clean look since his array is very visible. In fact, his neighbors, once very opposed to the project due to aesthetics decided to get a quote from us having seen the product! Matt maximized the amount of solar modules his electric panel could handle with an 8 kW made-in-Washington Itek system. This system will generate 7231 kWhs of power each year – enough to power his car for $18,000 miles! In reality, given his actual driving and household usage patterns, this system will offset 80% of his total electric consumption. His system is expected to pay for itself in 7 years, generating $4,980 in revenue by the end of 2020! It is the true marriage of a good investment with concrete environmental stewardship.