We Love Our Customers...and They Love Us Back!

  • testimonial_1


    Hi Pam and Jeremy!

    We've got the production meter and are officially registered with the state. Nice Job! Thanks!

    Bill & Barb

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    Thank you for all your excellent assistance in providing my system and getting it all (well, almost all) up and running.

    Best regards, Cindy

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    Dear Jeremy and Pam,

    I just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been doing business with you. Every interaction has been refreshingly pleasant with everyone being on time, answering all my questions, and being flexible in working with my schedule. In particular I want to commend both David and Thomas. They were courteous, professional, and kept me informed about every step of the installation process.

    Of course, I am thrilled that as of Thursday afternoon I am putting some electricity back into the grid and doing my part to protect our environment.

    And, Jeremy, I am definitely enjoying my new refrigerator.

    Warmest regards,

    Claire Waltman

  • testimonial_4

    Thanks for everything. I think all went smoothly & the guys were great. I even think we could have fit a few more panels up there but David mentioned that the 13 were the max for our electrical panel. I will give you a ring if we have any trouble with the “enlighten” monitoring system. Still working out the router issue.

    Best, Diana Friend

  • testimonial_5

    Earth Day 2010

    Hello Pam and Jeremy,

    Wow!! We’ve really done it! Amazing!! I am so happy and thankful that I’ve been fortunate enough to do this - let the sun shine on us all!

    Blessings to you and your whole team as you go forward.

    Peace, Helen W. Read

  • testimonial_6

    Hello Pam!

    I’m giddy just knowing my roof (the panels, that is) with the sun is making electricity! Yahoo!

    Enclosed please find my check. I suspect you’ll send me a receipt. I’m off tomorrow to see my 90 yr old dad for a week.

    Talk soon - Take good care.

    Peace, Helen

  • testimonial_7


    Enjoy working with you. Look forward to showing you the tracking system. Having fun watching the system crank out power. Looked up our use history & we use about 8 kWh per day in the summer. The panels are putting out about 12 kWh on a sunny day.


  • testimonial_8

    Pamela & Jeremy,

    Thank you for all the work on the solar installations. The crew did a great job and we appreciate their politeness, consideration and professionalism.



  • testimonial_9

    Pam, Jeremy and the whole crew!

    Thank you so much!!


  • testimonial_10


    Just a quick note to say thanks to you and your staff for getting our solar project done. All the staff we dealt with were professional and a pleasure to have at our home.

    We wish you joyous and peaceful holidays.

    Lori & Gerry

  • testimonial_11

    Thanks again, Corey and crew, for your excellent work!

    Mike and Barbara Evans

    P.S. Your sign is still here - you may want it for another job!

  • testimonial_12

    Thanks for a great system, expertly installed. Hope we can do a PV system in the future.


  • testimonial_13

    Thank you once again for what has been an excellent experience. Everybody we worked with from Puget Sound Solar has been meticulously professional. Your team is competent, knowledgeable, responsive, deeply committed to your mission, and all have excellent interpersonal skills. It was a pleasure to work with you.

    I’m going to write an article to the West Seattle Herald about going solar, and if it’s published will let you know. I will also let you know once the production meter is installed.

    Thank you!

    Perry Wein

  • testimonial_14

    Hi Pam,

    Enclosed is the balance we owe you. The guys installing everything were great to work with - so nice! They also took wonderful photos for me which was beyond the call of duty. Thanks so much for the careful attention.


    Deejah and Ron

  • testimonial_15

    Wonderful - I may put together a descriptive sheet about living in a solar house. Drop in power bill? Heavens, yes! If I wasn’t giving $14 for each bill to the Green Power Program, I’d be building credits. I just got a bill the other day, and paid the city a whole $7.61 - I’m crying all the way to the bank. My bill for this time last year was $47. The prior bill (I’m on a two- month cycle) was $9-something, instead of $51 the previous year. And electric rates haven’t gone down in that year, so I figure I’m doing great. I make an average of $0.10 per day, pushing 4.63 kWh into the grid.

    The system went in April 9, and I’ve been logging kWh ever since, because it’s fun to see how much energy is produced depending on sun/cloud conditions.

    Thanks for your work putting this tour together - I’m sure it’s a lot of work and coordination!


  • testimonial_16

    Dear Jeremy, Pam, and Sean,

    Please find enclosed our check for $3,175, the balance of our Photo Voltaic system installation. We were extremely pleased with the outcome, and look forward to contacting you next year to expand our system. We made an entry on Angie’s List regarding our positive experience.

    Please advise us when efficient PV panels and inverters produced in WA State become available.


    Steven E. Cameron

  • testimonial_17

    Thank you for the terrific tour today. We could have stayed for hours - you are so interesting!

    Your beautifully remodeled/insulated home is as fabulous as the solar systems on it - and the electric vehicle charging station!

    It’s so inspiring to meet people who walk the talk. Thank you for being so generous with your time.

    Lots of good stuff on your website, too.

    Tania Scutt

    Environmental Technologies & Sustainable Practices student

    Cascadia Community College

  • testimonial_18

    Dear Puget Sound Solar -

    We're super excited for our solar installation!  Thanks for all your help through this process.

    Sarah and Tyrell

  • testimonial_19

    Haha...Hi Mike! Yes it's done and actually my neighbors already knew I am nuts but they and a few friends are very curious...about the solar, that is. You can put up a sign in my front lawn!! Seriously. 

    If you have any brochures with the names of manufacturers and the cost I'd live to pass that info on. No guarantees but there's interest.

    As for the crew they were great. They showed up on time,  worked hard and made the whole thing fun, actually. And not one plant was violated. 

    And the day after they finished we had our trial by wind and rain and nothing got damaged. 

    I'm mailing the last payment tomorrow. And PSE contacted me and will set up a time to turn it all on and install a new meter.

    Thanks to you and the rest of the team for making this all painless!!


  • testimonial_20

    We were very pleased with your company. The work seems very high quality, you scheduled enough hours and people to do a careful, thorough, neat job, and we appreciate the time you and your other people spent answering questions and showing us the system.

    I will let you know when the production meter goes in.


    -- Russell