The U.S. Global Change Research Program released yesterday the digital version of the 2014 National Climate Assessment. The site is extremely powerful and clearly presents evidentiary data and realistic climate projections for each of our nation's regions. If you want to be shown why climate action is essential for our continued health and prosperity - this site is for you!

However, readers should be aware that the authors of the report do focus on liquid natural gas as a "bridge fuel." While moving away from coal is an essential step, liquid natural gas is a partial, interim measure rather than a permanent solution. In the long-term, a complete shift away from fossil fuels to green-powered sustainable infrastructure is a must.

For our own region, a climate change will include loss of some coastal property due to rising sea-levels, potential disease outbreaks from mosquitoes, greater tree mortality due to disease and wildfire, increased mudslides and altered watershed routes, increased respiratory distress from diminished air quality, and negative impacts on flora and fauna. For instance, salmon runs and farming seasons would be altered.

The downloadable PDF on this page is the official version of the 2014 National Climate Assessment.