The Anderson Garden in Enumclaw, Washington has gone solar!

Aren’t plants already solar powered, you ask? Yes, but the planters need wholesome sun, too.

Visitors to John and Doreen Anderson’s picturesque rhododendron garden this coming spring will find the house, as well as the grounds, is now harvesting the sun.

Our team was delighted to install 28 flush-mounted Silicon Energy SiE195 (195 W) modules (5.46 kW total) in such a lovely place.

Matched with a Silicon Energy 5300W central inverter, the super-durable Silicon Energy modules are made in Washington and carry an industry-leading 30-year power output guarantee.

Because the Anderson’s system was made in Washington it will garner a whopping 54 cents per kWh production incentive. That’s on top of the Washington state sales tax waiver, and Federal income tax credit.

As a result, the system should pay for itself in seven years and then start paying the Anderson’s dollars they can pump back into their fantastic garden.

We applaud the Anderson’s sagacity in choosing solar. We think Doreen’s shirt says it all….