Why SunPower?


Its a fair question with a simple answer: because not all photovoltaic panels are created equal.


In testing reliability, degradation rates, energy production and shading impact, SunPower outperformed competing solar panels:


With SunPower solar energy systems, not only do you get the most powerful panels on the planet, you also get the best warranty in the industry. SunPower’s 25-year product warranty truly outshines Conventional Panels’ traditional 10-year limited product warranties.


Furthermore, SunPower guarantees power performance for the life of the 25-year warranty, and provides for 9.1% more warrantied energy compared with the traditional warranty. Such extensive warranties are possible because SunPower panels are engineered for performance and designed for durability.


sunpower warranty 21


What's more, SunPower has 138.946 million dollars standing behind its warranty.


So let’s recap:

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