Producing solar energy on site is a great way to offset energy loads, through net metering. In the Seattle area the avoided cost of electricity will definitely reduce your bill. However, if your bills are higher than normal there may be some remedies that are more cost effective than solar and that will give the addition of solar more impact on your energy picture.

Energy efficiency retrofit work will improve the energy efficiency, comfort, and safety of your home. It typically produces dramatic savings, and as a result solar can now provide a larger percentage of your total energy usage. Tax credits and incentives can help to offset the cost.

Puget Sound Solar has experience as a home retrofit contractor for Seattle's Community Power Works, and PSE's Homeprint programs.  We provided about 600 home energy audits, and performed 250 retrofit projects from 2009 thru 2012.  We now work with local energy retrofit companies rather than doing that work in-house. Let us know if you are interested in learning about the savings that can be achieved by this type of work.