In the last 12 months our founder's 106 year-old house used 6,958 kWh and produced 6,893 kWh, so we have hit net-zero, give or take a few kWh. There are two loads that we are not counting as household loads:  The EV's (4,033) and the home office (1,515).

Here is how it breaks down:

5308 Baker Ave NW -6,893 net zero 1
PV Production  
Space Heating 3,166
Other Loads 2,537
Water Heating 905
Refrigerator 350
Net Home Usage 65

With a little more conservation we can be a net producer, but the big news is that the EV's have displaced space heating as the biggest load on our electric service.  This means that we are in partnership with Seattle City Light to eliminate carbon emissions from house and car. 
The latest major change in our home was the replacement of the space heating water heater with a heat-pump water heater.  This reduced our space heating load by 38% compared to last year. Heating used to use 12,700 kWh, so we have lowered our heating load by 75% altogether since 2003.
The house will be open for visitors during the NW Green Home Tour on April 26th. Come by and say hello!